There is nothing more beautiful than the Austrian Alps in summer. Based in a lovely, family-run hotel only half an hour from Innsbruck, this holiday offers you the chance to discover really unspoilt areas of the mountains, and the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous walking both on and off the beaten track. Alpine peaks and glaciers, forests and meadows, rushing streams and shady woods: our walking programme introduces us to many contrasting mountain areas with breathtaking scenery and stunning views.

Gries im Sellrain is only half an hour from Innsbruck, but strolling through this quiet little village you would never guess. Our hotel is family-run and the owners have become great friends of mine over the 45 years I have been coming here. Built in the traditional Tyrolean style, it is warm and welcoming, with great food, very comfortable rooms and fabulous views of the mountains from the garden and small outdoor pool. Relax in a deck chair with a cold drink or a slice of exceptional Apfelstrudel, and watch the locals making hay in the meadows surrounding the hotel! Enjoy a barbeque evening on the terrace, a rustic buffet or an excellent gourmet dinner. Another highlight not to be missed is a session in the cosy wine cellar, where owner Manfred, a highly qualified sommelier, will introduce you to a generous selection of top Austrian wines.

The walking is superb, with absolutely no climbing involved. We visit remote Alpine huts and inns, take a close look at the incredible limestone crags above Innsbruck, walk up to mountain passes to admire the views beyond, and sometimes even bag a peak or two! Sometimes we will travel a short distance by bus, train or taxi to reach our starting point. If some guests want to walk a little more – or less! – than planned, we will do our best to accommodate their wishes. Our programme is varied and can be adapted to cater for walkers of all abilities.

We always try to include in the programme events of interest which would not normally be found by the individual visitor. This year, for example, we were able to enjoy an “alm mass” – where the priest blesses the animals on the high pastures. This was attended by most of the locals and only one or two individual visitors. Accompaniment was provided by cowbells, together with the local brass band, whose music became more secular once the mass was over. Food and drink was served at small tables set up on the alpine meadow, people danced, and the cows all came to watch.

If you enjoy excellent walking, stunning scenery and exhilarating high mountain air, then please do join us! Contact us straight away for further information.


















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