Been to Cornwall before, and reckon you’ve seen it all? If so, think again my friends! This wonderful coast still has quite a few surprises up its sleeve. Our 2-centre holiday will introduce you to some of the loveliest and wildest scenery on both north and south coasts of Cornwall.

The walks are not as long or strenuous as the ones on our “place to place” programmes, and if one day you have a blister, or if your bad knee is making its presence known, you can even stay at home and read. This is, however, still intended to be a walking holiday, and every guest will need to bring walking clothes and boots, as well as a small backpack.

We spend the first three nights in pleasant accommodation in a quiet part of Newquay. Thanks to the many fabulous sandy beaches, this charismatic little coastal town is now very popular with the surfing community. During our stay in Newquay we will see the stunning Bedruthan Steps, natural stepping stones through the seething sea; visit the stylish little coastal village of Padstow, with its attractive harbour;  admire countless wide sandy beaches, hemmed in by wild rocky headlands; discover ancient pubs and villages, hidden deep in the countryside. After the walking day there are countless pubs and restaurants where we can enjoy a good meal and a drink, followed by a post-prandial stroll along the cliff tops, high above the town’s wonderful beaches, to watch the sun set in the sea.

The last four nights are spent in the quiet village of Lizard, just a hop, skip and a jump from Lizard Point, the most southerly spot in England. During our stay on the Lizard Peninsula we will visit Cadgwith and Coverack, both archetypal Cornish fishing villages, and enjoy a traditional sea shanty evening in one of the local pubs; discover the fascinating geology of the area, and walk to Lizard Point with its imposing lighthouse. Compare this spot with Land’s End and its tourist hordes, and you will really appreciate the Lizard! Last but not least, marvel at Kynance Cove, a veritable coastal paradise with rocky cliffs, golden sand and small white houses.

The contrasts between Newquay and Lizard are striking: one lively, bigger, quirkier; the other peaceful, secretive, remote. But the coastline remains stunning throughout – this is Cornwall at its splendid best!

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